Toute l'année

Good vibes

Perfect relaxation

For the family

For all year

In every season. Under the starry sky, in the snowdrifts.

You can place the spa on a terrace or directly in the garden and enjoy it any time of the year, in any weather. Your hot spa will always be ready. All you have to do is to dive into bubbles and feel the positive energy. Close your eyes and let everything negative go away…

Comfort to be shared

It is joy. It is fun. It is life.

Do you feel the energy that vibrates within you when a spectacular party is coming? You will not forget this party! Great food and drinks. Great music.
Great fun. But mainly… BUBBLES!!

Enjoy the pleasure of relaxation with friends in the Comte home spa. Thanks to its size, the spa accomodates up to 7 people. Surrounded by bubbles, you
can watch the sky full of stars…

Trust for rest

Be together. Enjoy time together.

What makes home a real home and family a real family? Moments, fun and relaxation spent together. Moments with incalculable value.
Thanks to the Trusto spa you can enjoy the perfect relaxation being surrounded by your loved ones. The interior layout of the spa will allow up to five family members to relax at the same time. You ride together on a wave of family comfort. At home. Where you feel good…

Pure joy, pure life

The magic of simplicity. The power of the moment.

Often the simplest moments are the strongest ones. It is enough just to be. Be in harmony with the surrounding nature. Imagine the simplicity
and beauty of pure nature. Combine deep relaxation in the Pura spa with its perfection. Feel the energy of the surrounding landscape. Scent. Warmth.

It's all about love

For sharing. For pampering. For love.

As the rain drops can create a perfect atmosphere, the touch of water can pamper you in the spa. Enjoy romance in bubbles, the Lovy spa is perfect for this. Relax and be enchanted by the unique moments when you are here just
for yourself. Life is all about love…


The home spa offers an easy way to harmony and relaxation, to enjoy life, to balance your physical and mental strength. It provides rest after physical performance, relaxation after a hard day at work, relaxation in a tense of emotional state. It eliminates the consequences of a demanding lifestyle in present hectic times. It simply helps to live life with greater ease.


The design of the VIBES spa series is elaborated to the last detail to ensure perfect comfort and correct body position during therapy. Everything is designed so that the home spa brings you the greatest pleasure.


Exceptional technology puts the VIBES spa at the top of its class and keeps your spa ready for everyday moments of rest and relaxation. We have done our best to simplify installation, operation, control and service.


We emphasize that the operation and maintenance of the spa is time and cost saving. The VIBES spas are designed to ensure low energy and water consumption and maximum environmental friendliness.


We are a manufacturer with a tradition since 1995 and holder of international quality certifications and many awards. For long lifetime and troublefree operation and serviceability, we exclusively use components manufactured in the EU and North America.