Due to the many positive effects on health and psychic, the VIBES spa can be referred to as a small miracle that you can enjoy every day. AT HOME.

In just 30 minutes the combination of hot water and intensive massage can do real miracles with your body! The VIBES spas fully utilize the principle of hydrotherapy, one of the most effective relaxation methods. In our comprehensive concept of hydrotherapy, the body can enjoy the effects of a spa combined with a targeted flow of water massages and refreshing air massages. The result is a long lasting well perfused body and relaxation.

For stress relief. For better health.
For a nicer body.

The mental relief that can be induced by a stay in a spa is an effective prevention of stress.

The spa promotes the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness, thereby suppressing anxiety and relieving depression.

Relaxation in the spa can relieve you of headaches and insomnia and even has an effect on memory improvement.

Staying in the spa soothes the lungs, heart and stomach and promotes their proper function; according to recent findings it also helps to prevent civilization diseases such as diabetes.

Hydromassage in warm water relaxes your muscles and increases their flexibility.

Hydrotherapy treatment is the most effective for joints – when immersed in warm water, the body is floating, and you can experience a feeling of weightlessness; the joints relax because the body’s weight is reduced by 85-90% in the water.

Regular use of spa promotes weight loss and rejuvenates the skin! 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week may even be a sufficient substitute for exercising.

Likewise, staying in a spa benefits the overall condition of the skin and may reduce cellulite. Blood circulation increases the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin look younger.



The positive effects of hydrotherapy are based on the buoyancy of the water, its correct temperature (37–39°C) and targeted flow. The jets are embedded to enable optimum body distance and to prevent them from being blocked. Water flows deliberately and at the right angle. Each seat and lounger inside the VIBES spa is fitted with a different set of jets aimed to a specific part of the body. The moment you change all the places during the bath, your body undergoes a comprehensive massage.

The VIBES spas have a separate water and air system, so you
can enjoy the combination of both types of massages. While
the water massage has a deep character and relaxes muscles and joints, the air massage has a superficial effect on the skin receptors and transmits relaxing vibrations to the entire body. In addition, you can adjust the intensity of the massage yourself according to what you are comfortable with.

Using the Boost Control switch, you can smoothly regulate the amount of pressurized air that is added to the water jets thanks to the unique TurboBoost system.


IntenseFLOW for perfect relaxation

An intensive massage that will bring you relaxation of the most frequently overloaded and tense back muscles. The system of jets will perfectly massage a large part of your back from the loins to the shoulder blades and bring a pleasant feeling of lightness.

BlissFLOW to restore balance

The perfect place to relax your whole body. Allow your back and lower limbs total relaxation. Stretch your legs and let yourself be massaged from the buttocks to the thighs and calves to the feet. Stimulating the reflex points on the feet has positive effects on the whole body.

ZenFLOW for life harmony

Experience amazing lightness and a surge of new energy. The ZenFlow massage set works on the area of the lower back under the ribs, where tension is often concentrated. Thanks to the release of this area which is a converter between the upper and lower half of the body, it can miraculously relieve you around the hips as well as between the shoulder blades and behind the neck.

CalmFLOW for stress relief

The muscles in the area of the shoulders and shoulder blades are stressed every day due to sedentary work and also react to stress and psychological discomfort. The CalmFLOW assembly will release unpleasant tension in the upper back and on the sides of the body, where the tension is chained, and will bring a beneficial relaxation.

PureFLOW for a feeling of lightness

Experience pleasant relaxation after a day spent in front of the computer or taking care of children. The sophisticated set of PureFLOW massage jets gently but effectively affects the superficial and deeper muscles along the thoracic and cervical spine.

VitalFLOW for pain relief

Release the often strained lumbar spine and low back area. There are often stiff points in the back of the pelvis, which can chain tension to distant places and thus cause pain, for example in the shoulders or around the hips.

Hydro + chromo + aroma therapy

In the dark, the water and pillows are lit by a myriad of colours you can choose from. For the perfect relaxing atmosphere a set of mini LED lights is also placed in the spa corners. These can be controlled independently to choose any color or to match the color atmosphere in the spa. Take
your experience with the illumini lightening one step further.

Thanks to the special essences made for the spa you can also enrich your relaxation with beneficial aromatherapy which helps to stimulate or calm down the mind, significantly helps in psychosomatic problems and is an effective prevention of many diseases.

VIBES, is the positive energy that flows through you in moments of complete relaxation.