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For perfect comfort

The VIBES spa is designed to ensure perfect comfort and correct body positioning during therapy. Top functionality is combined with modern design developed with maximum respect and a sense of ergonomics

The VIBES spa is a compact unit where all shapes, technologies, jet location, number and position of seats, every element has its justification and meaning.

Everything is designed so that the home spa brings you the greatest pleasure. The variety of positions in each spa is one of the important factors contributing to total relaxation. That is why you will find two differently shaped and fitted loungers in all VIBES models that will massage you from neck to foot.



Everything your spa can do at all times affects its comfort and operation. Exceptional technology puts the VIBES spa at the top of its class and keeps the spa ready for everyday moments of rest and relaxation. We have done our best to simplify installation, operation, control and service. User friendly manual is there to help with any questions you may have.

  • Intuitive
  • Experience
  • Maintenance
  • Operation


The modern Gecko in.k1000+ touch screen control panel with a large colour LCD display ensures comfortable control of the massage pumps, air, lighting or the required water temperature. The display also shows the current operation of the device. In the optional spa equipment, you can also purchase a remote control for your spa from anywhere in the world via a mobile application and the in.touch 2 system.

Maximum experience

The massage pumps of European production and standards are highly efficient and reliable, and thanks to their careful placement on silent blocks they work noiselessly. The stimulating bubble massage is provided by an air blower that blows air under pressure into the air jets and, within the TurboBoost system, also into the water jets. Thanks to this you can experience a pleasant bath feeling like being in natural hot springs.

Easy water maintenance

Inspired by pressure-based industrial filtration systems, the filtration is the most efficient way to filter water in the spa. Compared to the suction system, it works with one cartridge. It is made of a special non-woven fabric that effectively captures even the finest mechanical impurities from as small as 20 microns. The result is simple maintenance and lower operating costs.

The system also includes a high-efficiency circulation pump with an excellent ratio of water flowing through the filter system for the amount of energy consumed. Combined with the ozonator, it effectively helps water purification. Thanks to the ozonator, the consumption of chemical injected into the water is minimal. The ozone ejected into the water destroys micro-organisms, leaving no residue in the water, however
it does not irritate the eyes, nose and does not dry the skin.

Easy operation

The intelligent Gecko electropack helps you to operate the spa effectively, but also to protect your spa. It is equipped with a number of functions that makes operation and control of the spa easier. For outdoor installation, you will appreciate the unique Smart Winter Mode, which enhances the anti-freeze protection of the spa system.

The specially designed heating keeps the water temperature at the same level. If the temperature decreases by 0.5°C, it always starts automatically and the water is heated to the required temperature. Long lifetime and constant heating performance is ensured by a titanium spiral.


For you and the environment

We emphasize that the operation and maintenance of the spa is time and cost effective. The VIBES spas are designed to ensure low energy and water consumption and maximum environmental friendliness.

The perfectly combined insulation ensures efficient operation all year round. The most durable cabinet bottom on the market is made from fiberglass and protects the entire spa from below. The non-porous bacteriostatic acrylic surface Bioloc, does not allow bacteria to proliferate. In combination with the ozonator and pressure filtration system reduces the consumption of chemicals needed for water maintenance.

Polarguard insulation

This insulation system significantly reduces the operating costs. It comprises of the shell isolated by polyurethane layers and the cabinet made of PU sandwich with excelent insulating ability.

As an additional insulating element, it effectively utilizes the energy and heat generated by the operation of the pumps (at the time of filtration, the released heat from the pumps brings up several degrees Celsius more per hour).

FG pan laminated bottom

The bottom, which closes the cabinet, protects and insulates the spa and its technology. It allows rainwater to flow under, which does not come into contact with the cabinet at all, and also prevents rodents and small insects from settling in a warm and dry environment inside the cabinet.


Uncompromising quality and reliability

We carefully select each used component. As a traditional manufacturer of premium spas and swim spas, we guarantee a high quality standard for the entire VIBES series.

The design, development and production of spas is realized in the Czech Republic. For long lifetime and trouble-free operation and serviceability, we exclusively use proven components manufactured in the EU and North America.

The basic characteristics of our products are reliability and user comfort. The eventual service of your spa is a simple matter thanks to well thought-out design and use of available parts.

We are a manufacturer with a tradition since 1995 and holder of international quality certifications and many awards. The proof of quality is the thousands of satisfied users of our premium spas and swim spas installed throughout Europe.

VIBES, is the positive energy that flows through you in moments of complete relaxation.